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Tips to Safe Surfing On The Internet That Must You Know

Internet technology certainly is not the new stuff that is foreign to modern society. Almost every day we use the name of the Internet for various purposes. Starting from accessing social media, search for information, and also play games online. By using the Internet, we can also shop online so that we do not need to leave home to buy the things we want. All things become easier with the internet. However, behind the convenience offered by the Internet, without us realizing the Internet was also to have a negative impact and losses even if not used wisely. Now there are a lot of cases of cyber crime or crimes that occurred melali Tinda internet. Examples such as fraud, hacking sites, an insult to a person or a party, and many more. Therefore we must be wise in using the Internet so you do not become the next victim.
Well, to avoid adverse effects such as internet users, you must know some safety tips when surfing the Internet following.

1. Create Unique Passwords
Have your email account or your social media hacked by someone else? If yes, then you should know the cause of why your email account or your social media to be hacked by others. Usually the cause of dihacknya email account or your social media is that you create an account using a password that is too easy. Therefore, when you create your social media accounts or other accounts. Make sure you use passwordyang unique and not easily guessed by others. Avoid using your name, date of birth, and other information that is known by others. Also, do not forget to always change the account password that you have on a regular basis, for example once every 3 months. It is intended that the hackers so much to hack the account you have.
2. Use Antivirus
Internat is one source of the virus that can cause a laptop, computer, or smartphone becomes damaged when attacked by the Vitus. Therefore, do not forget to use a reliable antivirus that is widely used by Internet users like Kesperky, Avast, Avira, and others. So that security is guaranteed, you should always update the antivirus you use in order to run properly and juag can give your device protection from viruses seragan. In addition to viruses, the antivirus juag can protect your device from hackers who try to break into the network and steal personal data in your account.
3. Think Before Mem-Post Something
Ya is often done by most people, which is posted something without thinking it through first. Already there are many cases of people who stumble case law for posting on social media that are not pleasant to other people or a party. Therefore, think before you posted something on your social media. Do not just because of momentary emotions make you have to deal with the authorities. In addition, try also to not to share your photos and your personal information to the public on social media. Make a filter who can see your photos and the information probadi. Be sure it also does not include personal data such as email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, and so fort

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