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Tips for Laptop Batteries Be More Sustainable

Currently the demand for electronic goods such as very high, especially for people menenagah up using a laptop to support a variety of activities, ranging from doing the coursework, completed the work, up to browse the internet. Laptop certainly could be a multifunctional device that can work well through the following components in it. Sau One important component in a laptop is the battery. Yes, the battery described as the "soul" of the laptop where if there is no battery, the laptop will not be able to interrupt and operate.

Currently, there are many laptops that use high-tech batteries are much more durable and long lasting use. However, there are still many laptops are not equipped with such high-tech batteries. Power battery drain is a common problem experienced by laptop users. Especially when the go laptop. Surely it would be very inconvenient if the laptop runs out of battery power when you're on the go. Well, here are some tips that you can try to keep the battery of your laptop more durable.

1. Prior to Battery Charge 0%
In order for your betarai more durable, do not wait until the battery is completely discharged to 0%. you better immediately charge the laptop when the battery power is less than 15%. if you wait for your laptop battery is completely discharged and even the dead laptop could adversely affect the performance of your laptop battery. If the habit continues, then it can cause your battery is worn so that it will quickly run out of power.
2. Allow Laptop "Bernapasa"
Usually when you're relaxed, someone would choose to bermalasa sit on a mattress or sofa while playing a laptop. If you include people who like it, from this point you have to stop the habit. That's because putting the laptop in a padded crate mattresses, pillows or sofa may block the airway at the laptop that functions to remove heat from the laptop. Well, ni inhibition of air circulation can cause the battery and your laptop becomes hotter. If a laptop is often overheated will certainly adversely affect mainly laptop batteries. If forced to use the laptop on a bed or sofa, you better use a cooling mat that serves to cool the laptop.
3. Maintain Cleanliness Laptop
Cleanliness must always pay attention if you want to make your laptop battery last longer. If the laptop is not often dibersihksn can cause dust attached to the laptop and clog the ventilation holes located on the bottom of the laptop. Clogged ventilation holes will certainly impede the flow of air to and from the laptop, causing the temperature of the laptop and the battery becomes hot quickly. In addition to the ventilation holes, you also have to clean the laptop battery. It's easy, you just need memberihkan yaki laptop battery using a cloth that drops of liquid alcohol. Why should alcohol? That's because alcohol serves to maintain the stability of the electric power will flow to the laptop.
4. Avoid The Heat
Placement laptop turns out also can affect battery performance leptop know. Do not place the laptop in a place exposed to direct sunlight because it can shorten the life of your laptop. Better to be put in place that is closed and has a temperature of about 20-25 degrees Celsius.

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